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You seem to be intentionally trying to muddle the situation. As a measure of area fraction (Aoil/ Arock), Delesse cut out and weighted outlines of oil phases traced onto paper (Aoil), and then did the same for the reference area (Arock). He then used a chemical method to determine volume of oil in the rock (Voil), and Archimedes method to measure the volume of the rock (Vrock). The Delesse principle simply show that for a random cut through a volume of rock that contains an oil phase, the area fraction is equivalent to the volume fraction (Aoil/ Arock = (Voil/ Vrock). Rosival and Glagolev used the same approach to show that a similar relationship with volume fraction holds for line fraction (Loil/ Lrock) and point fraction (Poil/ Prock), respectively. Would the blog writer care to suggest a better figure to illustrate this principle? For more information on this topic, see my book published by the <title withheld>

There are quite a few glaring mistakes here:
1.Delesse did not weigh paper.
2.Delesse was studying ores, not oil in rocks.
3.Delesse did not use the Archimedes method in his analysis.
4.It is not known if Delesse used chemical analyses to compare to his geometrical method
5.Delesse did not use random sections. In fact the argument was over what preferential orientation to use
6.He claimed that the area fraction was the same as the volume fraction, but he did not prove it
7.The spelling is Rosiwal
8.Rosiwal did not use a similar approach
9.Glagolev did not show anything about the method he used
10.Glagolev built a device to implement an existing method The method had been in use for years in Europe before Glagolev built his device.

As far as the figure being misleading, the Delesse principle was only applied to macroscopic analysis. The Rosiwal method was only applied to microscopic analysis. Glagolev built a device for a microscope. Glagolev’s device used a single point for a field of view.

I have seen the book and the book repeats these same mistakes. Time to correct these mistakes.

Delesse weighed metal, not paper.
Delesse did not use a reference volume.
Neither Delesse or Rosiwal or Glagolev ever proved anything.

There is not a single paper published using Delesse’s method. Not until Shand published was there a published paper using a geometrical method for modal analysis. That’s over 60 years after Delesse published.


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