Covering up failures instead of fixing them

I did some checking and I did not find any information at all suggesting that Wicksell had ever gone to medical school. Everything I located suggested that he had been involved  in statistics for quite a while. I suppose that goes along with claiming he was did his corpuscle work for an organ other than the one he actually worked on.

This reminds me of the politicians that can’t say they were wrong. Instead of moving on they feel compelled to create a cover story, i.e. they end in trouble as their lie to cover up the original mistake is found out. One misstep after another leads to their political ruin. Wouldn’t it be so much easier to fix or admit the original mistake? It certainly seems so from the outside.

Wicksell was never in medicine. Wicksell gave a number of talks on his corpuscle problem. I even have something which I cannot read due to it being Swedish. I believe it is about a talk he gave to the actuarial society about the solution he developed.

It is so much easier to quietly fix mistakes than to bluster and maintain mistakes or even worse to attempt a cover up.


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